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Here are my top three live streams, but, read on for all the poop. I provide hints and more information about these streams that will help anyone, especially the vision impaired. However, this a quick start right at the top for folks like myself who can save precious time with less swiping! The List: 1. Sunday Worship 1:00 PM (Eastern Time) First Congregational United Church of Christ of Berkeley. 2. Sunday Worship 11:00 AM (Eastern Time) Coral Gables Congregational United Church of Christ. 3. Sunday Worship (multiple worship times listed below) Trinity United Church of Christ.

The Ohio Conference (United Church of Christ) Monthly Spotlight Lunch: This once-a-month offering on many great and timely subjects. Keep in touch on the latest at www.ohioucc.org. This online gathering uses the online conference tool xoom.us which is a free client for participants and is fully accessible! Works with my Windows tablet and my Kindle Fire, but, is cross-platform no matter your OS. Nothing to purchase. It's as easy as clicking on a link and you are in to the video/audio conference. What could be easier? Nothing! Just requires a small software download to your digital device. See www.zoom.us for the particulars.
United Church of Christ White Privilege Curriculum? Here are links to the free curriclum: United Church of Christ WPC webpage. This link offers more information on the WPC and other media/video. WPC in Accessible format.
I Love My Amazon Fire Tablet and Kindle E-reader! Amazing device: check out my hints and helps (including side-loading) for this device at Kindle Keyboard and Kindle Fire Accessibility. That is an older page with great information, but, I am working a new blog with new Blind Accessibility content (among other posts) at William Brandes Consulting Blog. If you want to learn how to get the Kindle Fire voicing (screenreader) right out of the box without sighted help, and/or, how to do a easy-peasy install of the Google Play Store on your Fire tablet, check it out! No sighted help required!
My Favorite Streams: Three churches that understand the faith/hope/welcome dynamic. Not only do they create a spiritual environment for those in the brick-and-mortar room, but, provide a parallel digital space (domain) for those who join online. For each of these faith institutions, the church (name) link goes to the online webcast. Just so you know! These streams and the descriptive content will help anyone, but, since I am blind and use a screenreader/keyboard, all which will connect with my Windows 8.1 and 10 tablets (I also use a Kindle Fire tablet, but, until I am sure of the ability to connect, references will not be posted. When I do know those outcomes, they will be listed with each church listing), I note where the user might have difficulty. And, perhaps, it might also help these congregations with information making their online venue more welcoming to those with a visual disability. For more congregations offering live worship, look in the Connect section. PLEASE NOTE: Many churches have summer worship hours different than the rest of the year. Check out the website for that information if not included with each listing!
Secondary page (ustream) embed. KINDLE FIRE ACCESSIBLE. 1. First Congregational United Church of Christ of Berkeley.
Although the above link provided makes navigation a snap (using my Kindle Fire), if you work from the church home page alot of steps are required to get to the stream. I would suggest a bit more written information on what to look for. Just sayin'. However, this is a great stream. Pastor Molly is the author of Real Good Church and Standing Naked Before God and the content merges with this worship! I find the worship refreshing and very meaningful. The audio is splendid and the stream runs without a burp. KINDLE FIRE ACCESSIBLE: Opens with the Kindle Fire bundled Silk browser or Google Chrome (side-loaded; see link above) but, the stream does not auto-start. Tap the video/play button.

Berkeley, California. Pastor: Rev. Molly Finney Baskette Sunday Worship: 9:00 AM and 11:00 AM. Summer Sunday worship: 10 AM (Pacific time) Visit Website.
Website (livestream) embed. 2. Coral Gables Congregational United Church of Christ.
tap the Worship Online link at top of church webpage. Sign-in so they know you are online with them! There is a text message client so you can greet the tech guy/gal that morning. Plus, you will get a reminder E-mail each Sunday morning with a direct link to the online worship. The online worship will automatically stream. The audio is excellent. Often, over 50 listening online and the stream runs without a burp. This streaming platform easily accessible with my Windows tablet/screenreader.

Coral Gables, Florida. Pastor: Rev. Laurinda Hafner. Sunday Worship: 11:00 AM (Eastern Time) Visit Website.
Direct 360network feed. 3. Trinity United Church of Christ.
Be prepared for a service that can run longer than your, perhaps, customary one hour. alot of nice things working here! During the welcoming of guests, several folks will pass a mic dedicated to greeting those online. This is a welcome plus. Nice touch. Since I also signed in, got a glad-you-were-there status update on my Facebook page. The audio here is also excellent ---

Chicago, Illinois. Pastor: Rev. Otis Moss III. Sunday Worship: 7:30 AM, 11:00 AM and 6:00 PM (Central time). Wednesday Worship: 7:00 PM (Central time) Visit Website.
Introduction: Again, let me welcome you to Touch Church. Disclaimer: This website is not only focused on Christian digital resources . But, I also focus on breaking down hurdles encountered by the disability community. Lastly, my primary focus is on one particular Christian flavor; Progressive Christianity. Although, as a digital resource, the wide-open-door is everywhere. And, one aspect/reach of this website is to those those who are not able to access traditional (pre-digital) church. So, if you find yourself in that boat, read on. And, even if not, you might find this resource useful to someone you know. Or, more data that you can hang onto for your own understanding!
Do you live in a progressive Christian desert? Have you ever been shunned by a church? For whatever reason? Does that fit you are looking for in a faith community not exist locally? And, you are not about to start your own? Do time restrictions keep you from becoming part of a local faith community? Or, does a disability, perhaps mobile/vision or other physical hurdle keep you from attending? Touch Church is created to fill these voids and more.