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Digital Opportunity. Touch Church


For many people, including those who are part of the disability community, church connections can be found and made through advances created by the digital revolution. The user isn't tied down to one specific community in a specific place. This reach by the congregation has no limits! Of course, this ability was approached by other past tools, radio and television. Unfortunately, the mainline church, for the most part, missed that train. However, no matter! The new digital tools have a much lower barrier to entry and these tools are useable by just about any organization. Congregations and other faith entities are taking advantage of this new possibility. In these pages I offer connections to those new tools. I also focus on live transmissions. Not that pages offering archived services are not useful, but, het large collection of live links makes that list less important in my estimation. There is another plus. Because the United States has the width of four timezones, one is able to watch/listen to multiple live worship services on one day of intake! For that matter, even if you do participate in a face-to-face worship, you can later, on the comfort of your couch, take in another through the capability of these new digital tools. Never know what you might learn. You might never go back either! Happy plus nice? Find that at the Rotary. Just sayin'.

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